Sunday, February 22, 2009

We got juiced royally by high-roller executives, well-paid math experts and a banking system that knew better but went along for the ride knowing they could always use the principles of a free banking system to in the end ask for bailout money and probably get it.

It should not be forgotten that it was this very thing – The requirement of Ransom Payments that urged Christ to spread at least a portion of the message he did. Also, the Pilgrims were fighting a system of taxation they felt was unfair, due to the King’s threat that without payment of this same Ransom Payment he would order his soldiers not to defend the merchants in the case of an attack.

Bailout money is the latest form of a Ransom note: Pay us or we will go bankrupt and sell all your savings to the highest bidder and collapse your system beyond hope of repair.

Obama, despite all his “Rock-Star” charisma, will do nothing to halt or reverse this Ransom threat. He is part of the system that allowed the present state of affairs to exist!

Control of the value of output production needs to be brought-back to the people. Oversight should be in the interest of the common good.

This is a funny thing in that it is not evidenced in any common nor civil law codes to date: It should be a crime to conscientiously perform any act that is not in the interest of the common good.

No surprise, as we and the rest of the world adopted the laws created by Madison et. Al. who believed that a free market should protect the interests of the “superior man” against the interest of the common masses. That was turned-into the fairy-tale of the free, interventionist Capitalistic Model. Hey, it worked for about 100 years.

Now we’ll all pay the price. Should have listened to the piper, his tune has been perfumed since time immemorial. Instead we paid him.



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