Saturday, October 25, 2008

O.k. So now it has passed (Originally published October 1st, 2008)

The fundamental truth of the matter was made obvious to all: Halloween Treat Bags were issued to the market, and the scandal is that some of them had rotten apples with worms in them. This has not been addressed. No one tomorrow will be able to properly assess the value of the underlying securities that are admitted by all to be the root of the current “crisis”.

The bailout solution suffers a fundamental lack of perspective. It does not address the real issue, that of very crafty manipulators and salespeople who have made it almost impossible to ascertain the value of the underlying stock that is circulated worldwide and allows America its abundance of cash. These people need to be made accountable for their foibles. Nay, it is more than foible – it is downright manipulation.

We need to address the fundamentals: We need to figure-out which Halloween Bags are worth dirt and which still carry a tangible value. This is the only way out of this. The foreign markets are still left with no real security besides the idea that the underlying security will be guaranteed by the US taxpayer. But that same taxpayer will only be a sucker for so long.

I don’t know what else to do besides sending this email. If someone has an idea of what can be done, please let me know.



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